Mike Danforth wants to be your District 17 County Board Member because he shares your concerns and your hopes for your families, your neighborhoods and Lake County. Mike feels fortunate to be a long time resident of the Lake County community. He’s 60 years old, married to Christine with two great kids, no major debts, managing partner of his own law firm and he enjoys volunteering as a Christian missionary.

Mike has nothing to prove to anyone at this point in his life. So why does he want to spend countless hours a week as our representative on the county board when governments throughout Illinois are struggling to make every penny count?

Because Mike Danforth has spent a lifetime giving back to communities that have been so good to the Danforth family.

Mike believes we all have an ongoing responsibility to look out for
each other in addition to looking out for ourselves and our families.

As a County Board Member, that means making sure county government provides great service at the lowest cost funded with the lowest possible sales tax and property tax rates — and I support repealing the regressive new Lake County gasoline tax.

Lake County needs conservative leadership from experienced, no-nonsense men and women.

Lake County needs Mike Danforth to continue as our representative on the County Board to help keep our county government on the right track.

Danforth Law Group — Founder & Senior Counsel
Special Counsel To The Attorney General 1995-1996
Lake County Teen Court Judge (Diversion Program)
Lake County Board Member (Appointed 2017)
Lake County Forest Preserve Commissioner (2017)
DeKalb County Board Member (Elected 1984-1986)
World Gospel Outreach Volunteer Missionary
Jonahre Foundation Volunteer
Republican Precinct Committeeman
Cuba Township, Vice Chairman
Lake County Republican Central Committee – 1st V.P.
Barrington High School Graduate – 1981
Northern Illinois University, B.A. – 1986
NIU Student Association President
Regent University School of Law, J.D. – 1994
Willow Creek Community Church Member
Married To Christine, Children Grace & M.J.
VOTETUESDAY, November 8, 2022
Paid For By The Lake County Republican Central Committee